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iClusion thanks HAGA hospital (The Hague, Netherlands) and Novartis Oncology Netherlands for their selfless support in prototyping the iClusion platform.


Leonie: “I think iClusion can add something very beautiful to doing research!”

A new paradigm in study start up and patient recruitment
Bringing the right Clinical Trials to the right Patients

Today around 5% of cancer patients participate in clinical trials, whereas 50% to 80% wants to participate as indicated by market research. iClusion aspires to increase the participation of cancer patients in clinical trials from 5% to 25% by increasing their accessibility to innovative treatments and chances for better outcomes.

iClusion may dramatically shorten the completion of patient recruitment by increasing recruitment rates and allowing immediate enrolment. The iClusion platform connects patients, oncologists, sponsors and sites, while study start-up procedures have already been implemented compliant with regulatory requirements.

In the context of well-designed clinical development programs, local study start up and patient recruitment remain the rate-limiting operational steps. You have now the means to shift gears.

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